Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When you have to do what you dont want to do

I dont know what keeps bothering me these few days.It all started after the two weeks holidays.I dont know what is it, but things just dont go right.Tutorial banyak tak siap.Biar macam tu je.Kuliah langsung tak concentrate.Then malam tak revise apa2 pun.Lansung tak study.I dont study as much as I should.Just siapkan report je sebab have to pass up.I felt like im slowly lost my interest in study.Im having issue with myself.Like Izzati said.I think I've got sucked into doing something i hate.Im so not into sains hayat or whatever have to do with science stuff.I want to do something else but im not sure what it is.For sure it must be nothing to do with science thingy.I hate it.I cant imagine myself wearing that stupid white lab coat my entire life.Thats suck.Though i have to study it for like 8 more months wearing that!.Adoiyaii.What the hell im doin here.I think im more into arts stuff.Tak kisah lah orang nak cakap apa,tapi dah aku tak suka lansung science things ni,buat apa kan.It better to do something you enjoy,then eventually you will become succesfull at it.Dari buat apa yang kita tak minat then you failed for it.Aku tak suka bila haritu balik kampung then makcik2 kat sana tanya2:

Makcik 1 : Kau belaja kek mano sekarang?
Aku : Kat matrics
Makcik 1 : Oh.Belajar apo kek sano
Aku : Sains hayat
Makcik 2 : Oh.Jadi doktor lah ko yo.(Tetibe join sekali)
Aku : Emm.aaa.yelah.Insyallah

Aku tak tau nak cakap apa.Takkan nak explain kat makcik tu,sebenarnye makcik saya tak minat lansung sains2 ni.Benci gila nak mati.Saya tak tau lah apa saya buat kat sini.Doktor2 ni lagilah saya tak minat.Adoi..muka aku jadi doctor?huuahua.Geli je.
But, for the time being I have to continue to do what im doing right now.Kejap je.Lapan bulan tak lama.Gosh I really really need to motivate myself.Belajar je lah.Lazy bumm lah ko ni Myra.

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