Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lets meet up againnnn!

Last few days,I totally had a great great time with my friends.We havent meet almost like a year kot though actually only Pya who is far from us kat Egypt.The rest are still in Malaysia but due to everyone buzyness,we dont have the chance to meet.So,yesterday was kind of like reunion la for us.We had our berbuka together,we shared stories and we laugh laugh till semput2.Lukut ada,mana taknye gelak tak ingat dunia dah.Pya and Izul,biasalah loving couple ever lah kan.Tinggal nak kahwin je.Kih2.Anep,soon to be the best chef in town.Wawa,who is getting soo skinny and skinny.Jealous nih.Emy yang x habis2 cerita pasal biology thingy.haha.And Hajar will be off to Egypt next month and I was suprised to hear that.Im the only one yang tak tau she'll be leaving Malaysia in very very soon to futher her studies.Putri kat Egypt.Pya and Izzul too.And Hajar will be joined them soon.Adoi..semua berkampung kat sana lahh.Sedihnya.:(
Takpelah bukan pergi mana pon.Sambung study je.It is not like diorang nak pergi perang kan.Good luck and all the best to all of u guys.Semua bakal-bakal doctor la ni.Bagus.Senang aku nanti.Semalam sumpah best dapat jumpa korang balik.Wawa,Emy,Pya,Izul,Hajar,Lukut and Anep.Nanti kita gather lagi yeh.Hope the Port Dickson plan jadi lah kan.Langkawi tak dapat,Pd pon jadi lah.Hajar,sorry yeh aku terbuka cerita ko jatuh dalam air kat Langkawi tuu.Tetiba teringat,aku bukak la cerita tu,kesian ko asek kena drop je.Rindu Dasarrata eh.Hahaha.
Okay lah.Nak pergi wat Chemy ni.Aceceh.Toodlesss..(ala- ala gedik punya style)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 minutes please

Tja peeps.This is gonna be quickie update as i have quite lots more work waiting to be done.Tunggu jap yeh buku.Hey tomorrow is Friday and you know how much I love Friday.Yeahhh.Im off back to Seremban tomorrow and having my first day of Ramadhan this year at my home sweet homeeee with beloved family and variety of fooooddd of course.Pas tu rayaa.Sounds good huh.And not forgetting,currently I am counting the days waiting for my Ucii to back from Egypt.Cepatlah balik Wan Putri Wahidah.Setahun dah tak jumpa kau ni.Gilo lah.Aku dah bulat cam anak gajah ni weyy.BTW,Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim and Muslimat.Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa ye and tarawih too.Toodles.

*Tja is hello in Swedish version
*Tangan kat pic tu cam cacat kan.ahahaa.Tangan anak gajah mmg camneyy.Tak tau ke.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Songs from the past

Im having a bad frame of mind right now.Have u ever find yourself tearing uncontrollably over without any reason?Basically you just feel MISERABLE.Feels like you are pushing too hard on few things in your life.I reckon that all of us have songs that remind you of something from the past,the memories and makes you feel downn and wish you could go back into the past.Yes and all of sudden,you miss how things were at that moment where everything was not so complex as now.Down here are few songs that remind me of a lot of things.Families,friends.past relationship,high school memories.first heartbreak. and more.

Me Love by Sean Kingstone and Bubbly by Colbie Cailat
Every time i listen to these songs,reminds me of my friends when we had the most fantastic and awesome holiday ever in Langkawi 2 years ago.These were the songs that kept playing on the radio at that moment.How i miss you guys so much and all the fun we had.Best kan sumbat ramai-ramai in one car?

Kenangan Terindah by Samsons
I dont know why but this song bring me back to a day in my high school years where I was standing and looking at someone in my school hall and i still remember this was the song played on that day.Kuat gila daya ingatan aku.

I Miss You by Blink 182
My 'theme song ' back in form 3 when i had my first crush.agaggaga.

Almost Lover by Fine Frenzy
This song remind me of something i want to forget.The fighting,those lies.Dah la.malas nak ingat.

Someday by The Strokes
This song reminds me back to PLKN because I always playin this song in my mp3 playlist whenever I want to go to bed at night.Penakot lah tu.Pasang lagu ni kuat-kuat.

Cry and Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore
Okay this song brings me back to my high school memories.These songs were in A Walk To Remember soundtracks and Putri and I seem to love this movie so so much.The songs also remind me back to a person in my school.And also 'youknowhimlahkan'.

You're Still The One by Shania Twain
Currently been listening to this song a lott.Not the lyrics,it just the music makes me my heart go soo..kinda sad kot.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin and Tammi
This is my all time favourite song.Every time I listen to this song,it makes me bounce around and go ulalalalala.It just make me feel soo happy and free.This song reminds me of my childhood memories and my beloved family.

Tanpa by Sixth Sense
This song reminds me of my roomate,Farah who was a huge fan of this band.Layan je lah.

Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
Okay,this song brings me back to my bittersweet past relationship.Fullstop.

There a a lot more song,certain songs that remind me of certain people that had come and go in my life.These song are like the soundtracks in our life kan.Samaada kita nak lupakan je those past whether pleasent or unpleasent memories,kite akan teringat jugak balik bile dengar certain2 songs.Different songs at different point in our journey of life.Okeh sekarang hembus nafas dalam-dalam.Ok tahan kejap.Sikit lagi.Sikit lagi tahan.Ok dah nak mampus dah ni.Lepassss.So,here are mines.Whats yours?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Renewing my resolutions

Well.Not much happenned today until I was informed that there will be no class for bio and chemistry tomorrow.and Monday too.And boleh bangun lambat weh! Hoorayyy!! Yeah.Yeah.Yeah. Fewwhh.Cukup-cukuplah lah tu.Over excited pulak.Kang tetibe lecturer tu dapat hidayah nak buat kelas pulak,nangis tak berlagu kau.Okay2.Hmm.Final exam is coming in 59 days.Yes.I checked it twice.59 days.Im sooo scared.Really really scared i mean.Hmm.And about the issue im dealing with tu,I think I've found other alternative way to handle it.Itu pun setelah dgr ceramah 15 mnt secara percuma oleh lecturer maths aku.His words had give me so much inspiration and make me realized few things I never think before.Kira mcm dah ada resoluti0ns baru lah kot.Aceyh Myra,it's almost end of 2009 dah kottt.Kau baru nak azam baru.Cett.And thanks to you cikgu.Get well soon cikgu.Cepat-cepat sembuh.

*Psstt.Tadi lepas study chemy,sempat bukak ruangan gosip dekat bilik depan.Aku gelak2 sampai semput2.Amek kau.Terus diam lepas tu.Maybe dah lama tak gelak laju-laju cam tadi kot.Anyway girls,cerita cicak dalam baju tu memang betul okay.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When you have to do what you dont want to do

I dont know what keeps bothering me these few days.It all started after the two weeks holidays.I dont know what is it, but things just dont go right.Tutorial banyak tak siap.Biar macam tu je.Kuliah langsung tak concentrate.Then malam tak revise apa2 pun.Lansung tak study.I dont study as much as I should.Just siapkan report je sebab have to pass up.I felt like im slowly lost my interest in study.Im having issue with myself.Like Izzati said.I think I've got sucked into doing something i hate.Im so not into sains hayat or whatever have to do with science stuff.I want to do something else but im not sure what it is.For sure it must be nothing to do with science thingy.I hate it.I cant imagine myself wearing that stupid white lab coat my entire life.Thats suck.Though i have to study it for like 8 more months wearing that!.Adoiyaii.What the hell im doin here.I think im more into arts stuff.Tak kisah lah orang nak cakap apa,tapi dah aku tak suka lansung science things ni,buat apa kan.It better to do something you enjoy,then eventually you will become succesfull at it.Dari buat apa yang kita tak minat then you failed for it.Aku tak suka bila haritu balik kampung then makcik2 kat sana tanya2:

Makcik 1 : Kau belaja kek mano sekarang?
Aku : Kat matrics
Makcik 1 : Oh.Belajar apo kek sano
Aku : Sains hayat
Makcik 2 : Oh.Jadi doktor lah ko yo.(Tetibe join sekali)
Aku :

Aku tak tau nak cakap apa.Takkan nak explain kat makcik tu,sebenarnye makcik saya tak minat lansung sains2 ni.Benci gila nak mati.Saya tak tau lah apa saya buat kat sini.Doktor2 ni lagilah saya tak minat.Adoi..muka aku jadi doctor?huuahua.Geli je.
But, for the time being I have to continue to do what im doing right now.Kejap je.Lapan bulan tak lama.Gosh I really really need to motivate myself.Belajar je lah.Lazy bumm lah ko ni Myra.

Friday, August 7, 2009

5 hours of patience

Heyy peeps.Okay,lets see what we can talk about.Hmmm.Finally its Friday.Yeahh.I suppose everybody love Friday,dont you?No classes on the next day.Can stay up till late midnight.Well,but this Friday i dont.I have classes tomorrow and i frigging hate it.I hate wake up early especially on my preciousss weekend.Did i mentioned you before,im not a morning person?Yes,im a night person who has become a morning person on my weekends recently.Hmm.Today my college had organizing a blood donation.And im one of them who willingly to donate blood to those who need it.I had done this before and i want to donate again for the second time.Unfortunately,after queue up in a veryyy verrry long lines,I was told that im not qualified enough to donate my blood due to lack of haemoglobin.Can you imagined,after almost 5 hours( 2pm-7pm mannnn) of long wait in the long lines.Goshh.Im gutted.Plus my feets hurts badly.Hmmm. But then,its okay lah,I can try it again on another time perhaps.And FYI ,haemoglobin is the iron containing pigment in the red blood cells.So kena makan besi banyak-banyak lepas ni.

p/s: Berat badan dah cukup dah,cukup syarat dah.Terlebih kot.Haemoglobin pulak tak cukup.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm famished!

It has been 2 days aku tak makan nasi.Ceh ni nak berlagak ke apa kasi statement camni.Bukan sebab im on diet atau apa,tapi sebab xde duit eh takde masa.Tengahari semalam aku ngantuk sangat,x tau kenapa.So habis je kelas,aku terus balik bilik tido.Toooo much of a fag to go to cafe actually that only takes few steps je from my block.Malas plus penat,biasalah aku.So xde la sempat lunch.Malam pulak memang memang aku maalas nak turun cafe.Hari ni pon sama lah.Tak sempat lunch sebab nak siapkan assignment bi0 kau buat last minute memang lah.Padan muka.But tadi sempat dinner.Sebab laaaaapar sangat.Makan nasi goreng dengan Fath kat cafe.Tunggu nasi goreng aku lama gila nak siap. Banyak kali lah aku tanya kat makcik counter tu lama lagi ke kak Tipah oii.Sampai makcik tu macam dah rimas tgk aku asyik tanya je.Ini first time kot aku makan kat cafe tu for dinner.Sebab selama ni memang aku malas turun.Aku tak tau la pulak kena tulis makan or take away kat kertas order tu.So aku tulis je la apa yg aku order.Tengok-tengok makcik tu siap bungkus dalam polistren.Adoii.Saya nak makan kat sini lah makcik.Jadi,makanlah kami dalam polistren tadi.Tapi kan FYI,bilik aku kat tingkat 4 tu mmg macam stor makanan.Banyak gilo stok maggi. Ini semua Ah Peng lah.Dia beli banyak2 sampai xde tempat nak letak.Sebab itu aku jarang pergi cafe kot.

Kecoh je kau ni.Bende remeh temeh yg orang x hengen nak tau pon aku nak cerita.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hate you never

You know how much i love you and still ,my dear friend.

Unhappy me

Finally,end of hols.Back to matriculation hectic life.Huhh.You have no idea how much i riotously hate it.I cant wait to get awayyyyy from here.Cepat-cepat lah habis.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coffee anyone?

I had a talk with my mum today while helping her preparing the lunch.I told her how I always always wanted to own my own restaurant one day.I told her how my restaurant would be.For a start it maybe would be just a small one,not too big.Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? I had followed that series since i was 12 i think.I love Luke's coffee house and Im imagining my liltle restaurant would be just like that.sort of.With a coffee bar of course.I loveee the idea of having a cofee bar.And for the food,my mum can handle it i think.All I need is her secret recipes and her "peti yang penuh dgn buku resepi".There would be a few of malay food.Few lauk2 yang lain dari yang lain.So peopel gonna come in just to have it from my restaurant.haha.(x boleh btau.its rahsia).And western food of course maybe potato pie for tea time.And coffee sudah tentulah as aku sendiri addicted to coffee,nescafe and sekaum dengan nye lahh.And dear customer,for coffee boleh tambah banyak kali without any additional charge.Cool kan?Cakap cool sekarang.
And byk lagi lahh menu2 yang lain.Goshhhh.I cant wait to finish my studies,so I can have my liltle ownnn restaurant or coffee shop or coffee house or anything you want to call it.Faham tak?Tak faham sudah.The images semua ada dalam kepala otak ni.Dengan english country style,and oldies song berkumandang.And I want to make my it to feel like home.And and kalau dah maju,boleh letak live band kan.Cey-cey.Aku jadi vocalist.Aku lah casher.Aku lah tukang masak.Akulah yg cuci toilet.Akulah owner.Semua aku nak buat.Tunggu duit cukup je bila besar nanti utk idea2 ni keluar menjadi reality.Insyaallah.Harap2 bukan angan-angan mat jenin.Harap2 you bukan jual nasi lemak bawah pokok je like sumone once said to me.haha.Insyaallah tak okay.