Sunday, August 16, 2009

Songs from the past

Im having a bad frame of mind right now.Have u ever find yourself tearing uncontrollably over without any reason?Basically you just feel MISERABLE.Feels like you are pushing too hard on few things in your life.I reckon that all of us have songs that remind you of something from the past,the memories and makes you feel downn and wish you could go back into the past.Yes and all of sudden,you miss how things were at that moment where everything was not so complex as now.Down here are few songs that remind me of a lot of things.Families,friends.past relationship,high school memories.first heartbreak. and more.

Me Love by Sean Kingstone and Bubbly by Colbie Cailat
Every time i listen to these songs,reminds me of my friends when we had the most fantastic and awesome holiday ever in Langkawi 2 years ago.These were the songs that kept playing on the radio at that moment.How i miss you guys so much and all the fun we had.Best kan sumbat ramai-ramai in one car?

Kenangan Terindah by Samsons
I dont know why but this song bring me back to a day in my high school years where I was standing and looking at someone in my school hall and i still remember this was the song played on that day.Kuat gila daya ingatan aku.

I Miss You by Blink 182
My 'theme song ' back in form 3 when i had my first crush.agaggaga.

Almost Lover by Fine Frenzy
This song remind me of something i want to forget.The fighting,those lies.Dah la.malas nak ingat.

Someday by The Strokes
This song reminds me back to PLKN because I always playin this song in my mp3 playlist whenever I want to go to bed at night.Penakot lah tu.Pasang lagu ni kuat-kuat.

Cry and Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore
Okay this song brings me back to my high school memories.These songs were in A Walk To Remember soundtracks and Putri and I seem to love this movie so so much.The songs also remind me back to a person in my school.And also 'youknowhimlahkan'.

You're Still The One by Shania Twain
Currently been listening to this song a lott.Not the lyrics,it just the music makes me my heart go soo..kinda sad kot.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin and Tammi
This is my all time favourite song.Every time I listen to this song,it makes me bounce around and go ulalalalala.It just make me feel soo happy and free.This song reminds me of my childhood memories and my beloved family.

Tanpa by Sixth Sense
This song reminds me of my roomate,Farah who was a huge fan of this band.Layan je lah.

Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
Okay,this song brings me back to my bittersweet past relationship.Fullstop.

There a a lot more song,certain songs that remind me of certain people that had come and go in my life.These song are like the soundtracks in our life kan.Samaada kita nak lupakan je those past whether pleasent or unpleasent memories,kite akan teringat jugak balik bile dengar certain2 songs.Different songs at different point in our journey of life.Okeh sekarang hembus nafas dalam-dalam.Ok tahan kejap.Sikit lagi.Sikit lagi tahan.Ok dah nak mampus dah ni.Lepassss.So,here are mines.Whats yours?

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