Friday, August 7, 2009

5 hours of patience

Heyy peeps.Okay,lets see what we can talk about.Hmmm.Finally its Friday.Yeahh.I suppose everybody love Friday,dont you?No classes on the next day.Can stay up till late midnight.Well,but this Friday i dont.I have classes tomorrow and i frigging hate it.I hate wake up early especially on my preciousss weekend.Did i mentioned you before,im not a morning person?Yes,im a night person who has become a morning person on my weekends recently.Hmm.Today my college had organizing a blood donation.And im one of them who willingly to donate blood to those who need it.I had done this before and i want to donate again for the second time.Unfortunately,after queue up in a veryyy verrry long lines,I was told that im not qualified enough to donate my blood due to lack of haemoglobin.Can you imagined,after almost 5 hours( 2pm-7pm mannnn) of long wait in the long lines.Goshh.Im gutted.Plus my feets hurts badly.Hmmm. But then,its okay lah,I can try it again on another time perhaps.And FYI ,haemoglobin is the iron containing pigment in the red blood cells.So kena makan besi banyak-banyak lepas ni.

p/s: Berat badan dah cukup dah,cukup syarat dah.Terlebih kot.Haemoglobin pulak tak cukup.

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