Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coffee anyone?

I had a talk with my mum today while helping her preparing the lunch.I told her how I always always wanted to own my own restaurant one day.I told her how my restaurant would be.For a start it maybe would be just a small one,not too big.Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? I had followed that series since i was 12 i think.I love Luke's coffee house and Im imagining my liltle restaurant would be just like that.sort of.With a coffee bar of course.I loveee the idea of having a cofee bar.And for the food,my mum can handle it i think.All I need is her secret recipes and her "peti yang penuh dgn buku resepi".There would be a few of malay food.Few lauk2 yang lain dari yang lain.So peopel gonna come in just to have it from my restaurant.haha.(x boleh btau.its rahsia).And western food of course maybe potato pie for tea time.And coffee sudah tentulah as aku sendiri addicted to coffee,nescafe and sekaum dengan nye lahh.And dear customer,for coffee boleh tambah banyak kali without any additional charge.Cool kan?Cakap cool sekarang.
And byk lagi lahh menu2 yang lain.Goshhhh.I cant wait to finish my studies,so I can have my liltle ownnn restaurant or coffee shop or coffee house or anything you want to call it.Faham tak?Tak faham sudah.The images semua ada dalam kepala otak ni.Dengan english country style,and oldies song berkumandang.And I want to make my it to feel like home.And and kalau dah maju,boleh letak live band kan.Cey-cey.Aku jadi vocalist.Aku lah casher.Aku lah tukang masak.Akulah yg cuci toilet.Akulah owner.Semua aku nak buat.Tunggu duit cukup je bila besar nanti utk idea2 ni keluar menjadi reality.Insyaallah.Harap2 bukan angan-angan mat jenin.Harap2 you bukan jual nasi lemak bawah pokok je like sumone once said to me.haha.Insyaallah tak okay.

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