Friday, November 27, 2009

Bila vampire terjah wayang siapa kalau bukan wayang kita

So... everyone seems to talk about the so called sexayy vampire and some might already obsessed with it.And for sure the Twi-hards will be hitting the cinemas with bated breath to check out the 'New Moon' as they've been waiting anxiously for the sequence including my parents.Oh yes they are currently part of the Twilight fans.I hardly cant believe they had watched Twilight before me.Abah seems to like the movie so much and he even ask if any of us would like to watch the sequence.

Jom tengok new moon?

And I was like..

What??Abah tahu ke cite twilght tu???
Eh,tahu lah.Abah ngan Umi dah tengok dah.

Weyy.Am I the only one on the earth who haven't watch the film??I felt like so "ketinggalan" as I dont even watch the film or any of their books.To make it look worst,before this I thought Twilight is some kind of tv series.*Sila gelak lelaju atau pun senyum mengejek pada saya.

Takpe.Takpe.Walaupun I still tak dapat menerima kekacakan,ke'cute'an,ke'georgous'an Robert Pattinson ( i allowed to say this??),I will update myself with this so called phenomena by starting to read their novels and meng-download Twilight malam ni.Ish cam siput lak tenet ni.Tak jadi ah.But they said,the novels are way better than the movies and of course lah memang selalu macam tu pun sebab when it comes to novels,they describing the story-line more detailed.The emotions,the feelings and we feel just connected with it.Kita tahu hero dalam novel tu handsome macho gagah perkasa walaupun kita tak tahu muka sebenar dia camne ,until they come out with the film.Baru lah tahu,oh camni muka Edward Cullen,.aku bayangkan cam Hans Isaac.

So,maybe Im going to like this Twilight thingy after I read the books or checkout the film though I dont really like the idea of vampire and stuff.Eishh.Tak berapa suka kot cite ada jembalang-jembalang ni.Tapi sebab orang cakap it is more to vampire-romance,so I pon ok lah.Asal ada word romance-romance tu,I on je.Tak de lah teruk sangat kot.Tapi I lagi suka human love story lah for sure.Tak suka lah vampire minum2 darah ni.Kalau orang tu ade HIV ke,memang hye-hye bye-bye lah kau Edward.

Memang.memang I tak berkenan dengan rambut you ni.

So for Twi-hards out there,happy watching Bulan Baru.

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