Monday, October 19, 2009


Today ended pretty good.My last paper finished around 12pm and finally, I can take a breath or a BREAK.Gosh,I really really need this 2 weeks holidays man.The time flew ever so slow on these 2 weeks of examination.I was like kind of stressed out during the exam weeks but I kept it myself,cause I think if we keep saying that we are stressed,eventually it will lead to it and it will become even more worst.So for me let it remain in your heart and just continue on what are you doing.And for the exam,I did my best and the rest lets hand it to HIM.Insyaallah.
My mum picked me up around 2 at my college and on the way back home,I ate 4 sandwiches in the car all by myself.Im staaaaaaaarving as I had not taken my breakfast and lunch.Dalam kereta baru rasa lapar.Tadi mengada2 tak nak lunch,padan muka.
I reached home around 3 and straight away heading to my room.Hihi.Its sooooo purple and I love it.Thank you abah.I love you.Then I was like spending the whole evening,reading the old newspapers.I havent read them in past 2 weeks i guess and I totally have no idea what is the current issues.So tadi was like 'a reading the newspaper lama session' and oh,I did managed to watch Daddy Day Camp on Star Movies.Haha.Macam tak de cerita lain lah kan.Cerita budak-budak lompat-lompat gak yang kau tgk.Tengok sorang2 pulak tu.Kalau kau ada adik umur 5 tahun boleh guna dia alasan teman adik tengok.Okay dah dah.
Then malam, Putri ajak teman dia beli few stuff untuk dia bawa balik Egypt and we went to Tesco.She showed me the tiny scars drawn below her right eye.Oh,she just had a minor accident on the road at the highway with my other friend,Atie and Noja on last Saturday.They were all on their way, heading to Bangsar ,supposely to attend an open house.Tapi benda nak jadi.Luckily,they were all doing good and no one was seriously injured,Alhamdullillah.I was like really freaking out the day it happened.Tapi nasib baik semua okay.Kereta Atie je lah yang memang seriously injured.
Okay back to the story,after Putri had bought her stuff which was mainly food stuff,we had our dinner together and by 11, I'm already at home and I am extremely tired right now.So,gotta off to bed lah.Good nite.

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