Friday, February 12, 2010


I was about to get off to sleep last nite after done with the tutorials but suddenly this image of friend of mine came across my mind and I wondered how he is doing.Our last conversation was not the usual conversation we had before as I reacted differently with him and I've said things that I'm sure he'll take a long time to forgive or not at all.Kawan, saya minta maaf banyak-banyak.
But that is not what I'm going to tell here.I decided to check his blog last nite to check out any latest updates.Okay no updates.But then,I click a link to his best friend's blog who is a friend of mine too and I bursted into tears as I started to read his posts about his late mother.Having a loss of someone who has be a constant in your life must be the most horrible thing anyone ever gone through.And having a sudden loss of your own mother must be the hardest.I don't know if I am strong enough if I were at his place or maybe I would just wanted to open my eyes,hoping to find it was just a really bad dream.

Bila baca post dia,rasa malu dengan diri sendiri sebab selama ni terlampau sedih dengan 'kehilangan' yang tak seberapa itu.Rasa kecil sangat,nipis sangat,rendah sangat,jauh sangat kalau nak dibandingkan dengan kehilangan seorang ibu.Astarghfirullah.
Semoga arwah ibu Fahmi ditempatkan dikalangan mereka yang soleh dan solehah.Al-Fatihah.

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  1. myra mmg seorang amat sensetive.

    tapiiii time sengal dia datang... habiss laa.