Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its unbearable

I don't feel like blogging anymore.I think the eagerness to post something that would make people happy reading it is fading in a blink of eye.If I'm the one who would updates her blog daily, I think the blog would be fulled with post of title like "Today,I'm a loser,tomorrow I'll be a major loser".Or something like "I feel like a failure" or "Kill me,anyone? or "Hello darkness" and bla bla bla.So I think its better to keep it myself and remain them in drafts than writing out all my dark thoughts.I think I'm the one who rather keep the most of my problems in the earth to myself than sharing it with anyone.Even the closest friend was once clueless when someone asked her to tell something about me.Hows that huh?Usually when it comes to describe ourself,the people or friends around us would know us better than ourself.At least what kind of person I am.Am i loud ?An easy going person? or the girl who wore the tightest pants in the world? or maybe I am someone that would rather sit back at the corner and talk to the wall?Nahh.I dont think no one could understand me.Urghh I am getting sick of myself.Its getting worse and worse everyday and when you cant help it,it feels suck.All you can do is just sigh ,sigh and sigh.
I know I need someone to talk.Coping with depression alone is like next to impossible.It can never be solved.But when someone you need the most isn't there or senang cerita buat tak tahu je,calling the ex boyfriend whom you still can't get over with isn't a wise decision either.It do feels better but only for a while because at the end all I did was just messing up everything.

All I want you to do is just listen.Is it too hard?


  1. let's talk to the bitch. i mean beach. you need a break from all those suck-motherfucking-stupidest stuffs for a while.

    maybe the ears you want to isn't belong to you. but yet, there's still do. someone's waiting.


  2. ok im here too listen all ur problem. =) so tell me whats ur prob? is it about ur stdy? bf? gf? roomates or something2? hehe. just calm down myra, everything is gonna be fine, myb it takes a little prob. i know i can solve it. u can do it myra!! go go myra! hehe

    guess who iam? =)

  3. seseorang mamalia:
    yea maybe lah kan,thanks.babe jom pergi picnic bwh pokok kelapak jommmmmmmmm.

  4. anonymous:
    tak tau la apa masalah.semuanya kot.tiny little problem pon boleh jadi big problem.masaalah betul lahh.haha.anyway thanks.for being such good supporter.boleh jadi pasukan sorak pakai skirt duduk tepi padang.hehe.kidding.tak tau lah sape ni.kak limah ke?

  5. haha.habis sweet ah tu.cewahhh.