Sunday, August 15, 2010

We did it

Our first assignment for the subject Critical Appreciation on last Friday seems to be one of the most nerve-wrenching moments as we did the slides for the presentation on a very very last minute.Man,it was really a last minute preparation.Though I had only 2 hours of night's sleep before the day,but the hours of worries,lack of sleep and the tense were totally worth it as the presentation turned to be quite well.At least no bad comments from the lecturer.But then,despite the good responds we received,I know there are few things I should have explained better in more detail but yeah its okay.Boleh cover balik in the next assignment.
Okay so,in this assignment,we've been assigned to choose any 3 popular songs and we need to explain the meaning of those songs,find the circle of issues of the songs,figure out all the figurative languages and make a comparison between the 3 songs.Cool huhh?And I myself have to cover the song Colors by Amos Lee.

Yesterday I got lost in the circus
Felling like such a mess
Now I'm down I'm just hanging on the corner
I can't help but reminisce
When you're gone all the colors fade
When you're gone no New Year's Day parade
You're gone
Colors seem to fade

After done with the presentation,rasa macam jatuh beban yang seberat anak-gajah-baru-lepas-makan kat bahu ni.Terus berlagak camwhoring bagai dalam lecture hall.

Sekarang dah jatuh cinta dengan lagu Colors.Hehe.Hehe.

Thanks HanisManis teman I malam tu.Terima kasih banyak-banyak perempuan gila kuat makan.


  1. myra...ko pakai tudung yg sama dalam 2 post berturut2..haha

  2. ok thanks nis.aku macam harap orang tak perasan tp pasal tudung aku jugak la yang ko nak comment kann.haha.