Friday, April 30, 2010

365 days after

I love writing.But doesn't mean I'm good at it.I remember when I was in secondary,I wrote a story.It was kind of short story.Uh wait,I called it a short story because of its length as I only wrote it halfway.Oh okay no,I only managed to wrote the introduction.But it took about 3 pages okayhhh for the intro.Pretty good compared to the 3 lines intro I wrote in the exam.Hee.
Hm,you know what,lately I've been daydreaming about doing something exciting and unexpected.Have u ever imagine this?Doing something crazy and unplanned.Because I do.At the middle of the night,took the car keys,little diary,my guitar and drive to no where with loved ones.Loved ones doesn't have to be the boyfie.A best friend will be great enough.We'll enjoy every minute of the long ride,cackled like witches of stupid jokes and have fun singing along with the radio.We'll stop at the beach and lay down on the cold white sand,on a beach blanket of course,watch the stars,talk about our dreams,the past and argue who's between us gonna settle down first.I want to hear the sound of waves crash on the beach and under the stars,I'll start waving the pen write about the beauty things around me.And a hot coffee at my side would be great.Demand betul.Eh,watak loved ones mana?Oh masa I menulis,dia boleh main guitar dan jadi tukang hibur dan tukang gelak lawak-lawak bodoh I.Lepas tu nak buat bonfire boleh tak macam dalam movie tu kan.*Nak jugaak.
Oklah boleh gosok-gosok mata sekarang sebab angan-angan dah habis dah.

Anyway,sedar tak sedar tak sedar-sedar dah setahun rupanya.Dan semua masih masih macam dulu cuma lebih positif sekarang.


  1. alaa i lupa la tarikh keramat kita.
    ko nk g beach mane pengkala balak ke tanjung bidara.

  2. dua-dua taknak.
    pergi beach yg byk bitch

  3. cool gila babe! haha nak jugakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

  4. wah ada bakat menulis ala-ala gossip girl. nanti bila dah publish short story, nak baca. ehehe nak kritik. ahahahha