Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whatever It Is

For inexplicable reasons,I've said something to you which I never happy about.Wondering what happen now and next enough to mess me up.For god sake I have no idea what I really want.And I know what ever come out of my mouth is not as same as my heart do.
Heart has always make me want to believe you,believe that everything will be fine,but the are other side pulling it over.It reminds me not to forget the pain.How can I tell you this?Only God know how glad I am having you close back but somehow the pain is still there.And hell I don't know how to get over it.Game apa pulak sekarang u nak main?Tolonglah jangan buat anything that makes me thinking there's a chance sedangkan apa yang you buat is just to reassure yourself that I still love you.I've been so naive before and don't let me become more.

And you know what,all this while I've been wondering is karma really exist and yes what goes around certainly does comes around.


  1. die dtg blik ke myra??
    i totally disagree klu die nk ko blik.
    klu btul la die mmg hnestly n truly syg ko myra.he wil never2 ever leave u.
    i dun wanna c u hurt again.i dun think so he's very hnest to u.think carefully b4 or u might get hurt again..

  2. tq pya.but no lah syg.he wont.ini skrip drama college je.power kan aku buat skrip.
    btw pya aku rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nak dengar kau merepek live depan aku!

  3. bongok ko!!hahaha
    aku mati2 ingt btul2
    ko gilerrr
    haa..tau xpe
    aku ni da lme gle x jpe uci pn
    hjar pn aku xjpe.hahaha
    ko lg la ssah nk jpe kn.
    ade pape news baru ke?

  4. ni betul2 lah.haha.dah pening kan kan?haha.
    xpe lah nanti kita story2.xde apa pun actually.
    ko dah lama tak jumpa uci?aku ni pun ha lama dah tak jumpa emy and the alep n lukut dah nak fly bila tah aku pon tak tahu.

    news ape doww.xde cerita pon.kau mata dah okay ke?

  5. mate aku okay da..
    dowg nk fly da??