Friday, September 4, 2009

And another year older

So,here to another year of greatness and suprises.
Happy 19th birthday to me.4th September approaching 20.Err.Im feeling a little old.yayaya.Another year older.And thanks for everyone for the well wishes.Families and friends.Love you so much!
Okay,now lets my new year be a new beginning.After what had happened,I'm now seeking for happiness,and of course towards a successful life.Ye lah,sweet after bitter and joy after sorrow.Kan?kan?Hope fully macam tu lah.No more sorrow :)
Hey,I got an apple from Fi and apple je.bukan laptop tu.And the surprises with the knife mmg betul2 aku suprised weh.And semua nye lah.They sang to me as soon as the clock struck twelve
.Selepas kejutan tu lah kan.Tak dapat nak celebrate with my 'hometown friends' due to ' den x dpt balik somban sampai raya'.Thanks Izzati for the card you made by your own tu.Its really cute and I really appreciate it.And my sis for the cool shades.
Disebabkan harini macam special sikit.kih2..Abah took us berbuka puasa at the hotel.So kind of like celebrate skali la.But Umi said we're goin to celebrate betul-betul nanti with cake of course with full of candles.Menunjukkan betapa tua nye aku.Tak nak lah.Nak 10 candles je.Satu besar and the rest 9 yang kecik punya.Baru boleh perasan kejap yang I muda lagi sebenarnya.
And to those who celebrate the same birthday as mine,happy birthday to you.You know who you are.Kan Beyonce kan?


  1. haha..epi bday yunk! kmu oweys tuwa dr sy..hee~

  2. hehe.tq babe for the apple.kih3

  3. okay rindu masa nie jugak sobs kthxbye