Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Public romance

Last night i had dinner with my family.We were celebrating my sister's birthday which was 3 weeks ago actually because Im the only one whose missing on her actual birthday.(in college kot).Abah had meeting at pj,so he dropped us at old town coffee so we could wait for him there.And while we were waiting for him and ordered drinks,there was a couple infront of me.Fine la.I have absolutely no problems with couple getting together.But the problem is when they start to make out.Holding hand is alright with me,but then when it comes to kissing.I mean serious kissing and the boy with his hand running over his girlfriend.Gosh.That was INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.I know you guys are being lovey-dovey with one another,but this is Malaysia man.We should had aware of people's sensitivity.I noticed that there were others giving them dirty looks.Adoii.That couple or anyone should .ingat-ingat lah orang sekeliling.This is not all about us.It was inappropriate especially with kids around .Plus it was a public area.If you really want to make out,go find a room.Im not jealous or envy towards them.yet im not cold hearted loner with no sense of romance.Bukan nak jadi alim.But,this is just a thought of mine and I am reminding myself aswell.Mana tahu this thing would happen to myself pulak later on.Who knows kan?So,saling ingat mengingat lah boleh kan?
Okay.and here some pictures of my family having dinner at Tupai-Tupai.Gambar tak cantik tak bawak camera.

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